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How Coal Tar Ointment Solved My Psoriasis Problem

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If you are like I was, you have probably cycled through numerous medications, potions, diets, and home remedies in your quest to control plaque psoriasis. Psoriasis can be relatively debilitating at times, especially in summer when shorts and tee shirts are preferred. If you suffer from psoriasis, keep reading and I’ll tell my story of how I stopped the pain, itching, and embarrassment using a cheap, over the counter remedy based on coal tar ointment.

My psoriasis started as a spot right in the middle of my forehead when I was in college. Extremely hard to hide, and when I would scratch, the dried skin would peel off, because my skin was relatively oily, leaving a red spot that just absolutely would not heal. I went to a dermatologist who told me it was brought on by nerves, and would probably calm a bit when I graduated and was under a little less stress. Unfortunately, my job was no less stressful than college, and my psoriasis spread to other parts of my body. First my knees, and then elbows began to scale up with the continuous supply of dead skin.

I know that there are a ton of much worse cases than mine, but this is what my psoriasis looked like:

coal tar ointment

Over the years I continued to search for the cure. Multiple medications prescribed by dermatologists and general practitioners. Some of the prescriptions included Lydex, Dovonex, Steroid Ointments and pills, and many others with long names I can’t remember.

Like many people, my psoriasis started with a small patch and continued to spread, usually in areas where my skin was a bit thinner, like the back of my head, knees, elbows, behind my ears and genital areas. Some of the medications worked for a while, but doctors were hesitant to continue prescribing the same ones due to dangerous side effects, and thinning of the skin. It was even suggested that I try a series of shots designed to weaken the immune system. Many physicians now feel that an over active immune system causes psoriasis. This particular treatment seems a little extreme to me, considering how important a strong immune system is in preventing other illnesses.

The summer sun seemed to help a bit, but if I allowed myself to get a sunburn, the condition would get worse. This began a search for ointments and creams to help relieve the pain of psoriasis combined with sunburn. I had heard about coal tar ointment from a friend, and decided to look on Amazon for a brand that had pretty good reviews.

At this point, I figured what the heck, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on office visits, prescriptions, and pretty much everything short of dampening my immune system. Why not look for something a little less intrusive? My amazon searches resulted in trying about a half dozen coal tar ointment remedies which seemed to help, but not actually clear my psoriasis completely. That’s when I found a brand of coal tar ointment called MG-217. This particular brand has a high percentage of coal tar in an ointment base which seems to stay on and keep the patches from drying out.

The first thing I noticed, in the first two days, was the elimination of the constant itch.

Then, the patches would just come off in the shower, leaving red patches like the one on my oily forehead. I would put MG-217 coal tar ointment on twice daily, once after my morning shower, and again before going to bed at night.

I am now completely clear of the psoriasis patches, and my skin has returned to normal. I have an occasional flareup, but a week or two of treating with MG-217 coal tar ointment, and it clears up. I believe they have the right combination of an ointment which seals in the moisture without being messy, and coal tar which somehow signals your skin to stop producing so many extra skin cells. Whatever it is, it works for me, and I definitely believe it’s worth a try for anyone suffering from relatively moderate psoriasis.

That’s what compelled me to write this. I’m putting a link below to the guys where I buy mine. It’s pretty cheap too, especially compared to prescription medications. I keep two containers available all the time. It seems to have a pretty long shelf life.

MG-217 Coal Tar Ointment

If you try the coal tar ointment, and it works for you like it does for me, I would appreciate it if you would come back and comment here to let others know your story. Even if it doesn’t work, I would appreciate hearing that as well. Any comments, pro or con to MG-217 or other ointments based on a coal tar solution would be greatly appreciated.



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